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Bumble vs. Coffee Meets Bagel: The Key Differences

Bumble vs. Coffee Meets Bagel: The Key Differences

There is no straightforward principle that determines your choice of a dating site. This argument can be based on the idea that each hookup website is unique in functionalities. So, how do Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel compare? Why would you prefer one over the other? Here below are the similarities and differences.

1. Subscribers

Both Bumble and CMB have vast user pools of women in many countries, but the former seems to be on the lead. Bumble has at least 25 million members from more than 20 countries, whereas Coffee Meets Bagel is home to more than 20 million users, mainly from the US, Australia, the UK, and Canada. Bumble wins if you factor in availability and user base.

2. Success rate

Though both sites are popular, the chances of hooking up significantly differ. Bumble is available in 20 countries but only attracts 10000 users weekly. People residing in remote and rural areas would struggle to find a partner on Bumble as it is centered on cities.

Since online daters are selective when it comes to residence, Coffee Meets Bagel will attract more users. The site is only popular in five countries, but it is appealing to thousands of weekly visits. Its approach to let women decide draws more women to use the site, and men find it impressive for long-term networks.

3. Registration

In less than ten minutes, you will have signed up on either of the two sites. Both have a straightforward registration process that doesn’t require personal information. You will submit responses about education, work, gender, and what you wish to find. Bumble will ask for a Facebook link as the primary account-creating process, but you can also sign up with a valid phone number. Coffee Meets Bagel’s registration can be done via desktop version or app. It’s a tie for the two – keep reading for a detailed sign-up process.

4. Ease of use

Both Coffee Meets Bagel, and Bumble use the yes or no feature for profiles – with the former, you click the heart icon (yes) and X (no), while the latter allows you to swipe right (yes) and left (no). It’s a win for Bumble as it doesn’t limit the number of swipes like Coffee Meets Bagel.

5. Making contact

Bumble requires ladies to initiate a conversation after liking (swiping right) a match. The match will expire after 24 hours of liking if you don’t send the first text. Your match also has 24 hours to respond to continue chatting. There are nine emojis on Bumble that can be useful in sparking conversations. You can text several matches, and all your chats will be saved for as long as you are using Bumble or a partner unmatches from the pair.

On the contrary, anyone on Coffee Meets Bagel can send a message provided you are compatible. Members also include tidbits (icebreakers) on their profiles which can be useful in initial conversations. All chats on CMB expire after seven days. It would be unfair to decide who wins – it’s a tie here.

How do Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel Function

Bumble is more vibrant as you compare the features; you will find matches at the click of a button. After signing up, you will receive compatible suggestions, and you can only reach out to a user by swiping right. The user must respond within 24 hours to further the conversation without restrictions. Bumble is free, but you might spend some money to unlock special functions like:

  • Bumble BFF: members who are not looking for dates can use this function to find friends and platonic relationships.
  • Bumblebzz: If you are looking for business networks, this function will aid your search.
  • SuperSwipe: It can be challenging getting someone’s attention. This premium feature shows that you are willing to spend to convince someone.
  • Bumble hive: You can meet with other subscribers by attending events sponsored by Bumble’s team.
  • Backtrack: This function helps reverse left swipes – anytime you swipe left, you can cancel the action using backtrack.
  • Virtual dating badge: members who wish to engage virtually via voice and video calls can utilize this feature.

Coffee Meets Bagel provides curated matches for users to decide who interests them. Although searching for suggestions is unavailable on the web version, compatibility is friendly. CMB has chat rooms for members and other features, including:

  • Bagels/Ladies choice: men always receive 21 match suggestions per day at noon. The man decides if he should contact the match within 24 hours.
  • Discover: This function comprises matches outside your preferences; you can explore to meet people who have nothing in common with you. Since the list is refreshed daily, it will be best to take action when you notice a potential partner.
  • Woo: Do you want to express interest in someone from the crowd? This function helps you get the attention of someone you like.
  • Rematch: If a match didn’t respond in the required 24 hours, you have another chance to reach out through the rematch icon. You can do this by sending a message or hitting the like tab.


Bumble Coffee Meets Bagel
  • 🗹 You can search for personalized matches
  • 🗹 Large user-pool
  • 🗹 Best for hookups, acquaintances, and networking
  • 🗹 Women have control over who becomes their partner
  • 🗹 Free tools and affordable VIP plans
  • 🗹 Matches are based on user’s interests
  • 🗹 Plenty of active users
  • 🗹 Perfect for long-term relationships
  • 🗹 Women decide on a suggestion before matching
  • 🗹 Memberships are affordable


Dating sites come with lots of downsides. So, what might displease you when using Bumble or Coffee Meets Bagel?


Bumble Coffee Meets Bagel
  • × Plenty of fake profiles
  • × Matches might take long to respond
  • × Registering is mainly via Facebook though Bumble has a provision to register via phone
  • × No web version
  • × Women outnumber men
  • × The search function is unavailable on the web
  • × Matches expire every 24 hours
  • × You can’t browse and look for matches; you will receive few
  • × The matchmaking algorithm is sophisticated
  • × Chats expire after seven days

Bumble vs. Coffee Meets Bagel: Design and Usability

Coffee Meets Bagel functions perfectly on the app. Its website isn’t impressive as it lacks some basic functions. The home page has clear screens with lovely photos and videos. You can view successful matches founded on CMB and also check the blog page for tips. First-timers can get a glimpse of how the site works to motivate you.

Bumble has a pleasant color theme with a user-friendly layout. Each feature is a tap away and makes navigation straightforward even for non-tech savvies. Many features ensure you maximize your dating experience on a one-stop site for networking.

Web and App Design

Bumble has a simple and easy-to-navigate app interface. Coffee Meets Bagel is accessible via Android and iOS. Little can be said of the web version as its functionality is questionable. The design is user-friendly for everyone.


Bumble Coffee Meets Bagel
iOS app 🗹 available 🗹 available
Android app 🗹 available 🗹 available
Web/desktop version 🗹 available × Not available

Bumble vs. Coffee Meets Bagel Member Base

Bumble is home for users across all age groups (20-60s, with a majority being between 23 and 34 years). The site reports having attracted close to 30 million, majorly from the United States. Bumble reports a weekly activity of at least 50000 new users. Female subscribers outnumber their male counterparts. Many of the subscribers are looking for social and business networks, with another interested in dating.

Equally, Coffee Meets Bagel has a membership of over 20 million memberships. Most of the user base is from the United States, Canada, and Hong Kong. The site attracts at least 30000 new weekly visits.

Male/Female Accounts

Coffee Meets Bagel has more male subscribers of about 65%. This population can be explained by the interest for men to find interesting dates. On the other hand, Bumble has an almost equal percentage of female to male accounts, 53% and 47%, respectively.

Registration and Profile

The first registration step is to download the CMB’s app from the Google Play Store or App Store. Setting a profile on Coffee Meets Bagel is easy since you will be asked about your Facebook link. All your information will be transferred to your user profile. Additional information about the user includes ethnicity, occupation, education, height, and religion. Every new user should respond to who you are, your likes, and what you appreciate about a date. New users are awarded beans after a successful registration.

Bumble’s new users can sign up by submitting a valid Facebook link or a phone number. Registering via Facebook is less time-consuming as all your details will be imported seamlessly. Signing up using a phone number might be lengthy since you will have to key in details about yourself. In addition, you must submit your location for matching within your vicinity. Within three minutes, you will access your Bumble account and start connecting with others.

Bumble vs. Coffee Meets Bagel: Differences in Searching and Matching

Bumble is Tinder’s alternative, with the only difference being that women reach out to potential partners. Like Tinder, you will receive compatible suggestions and swipe right (if interested) or left (dislike). You only become a match if the recipient swipes right. Bumble’s only downside in matchmaking is that users cannot search for suggestions using the web version.

Coffee Meets Bagel has a sophisticated matchmaking algorithm that bases on a user’s preferences. Though rare to find not serious commitments on Coffee Meets Bagel, women will receive six suggestions daily. You can choose to initiate conversations if the user is interesting. Unfortunately, there is no way to use search filters to find ideal partners.

Possibility to Meet your Love

Although you can find hookups, Coffee Meets Bagel is ideal for people pursuing love and relationships worth committing. In the same time, some Bumble members are also more inclined to look for serious connections.

Possibility to Find Casual Hookup

Bumble thrives on casual hookups; it would be worth your time if you are looking for simple and undefined dates.

Quality Of Profiles & User Safety

Both sites have shallow profiles, as you will sign up via Facebook. You will see basic information about the user’s age, location, ethnicity, gender, and romantic pursuits.

CMB and Bumbles’ users have nothing to worry about their privacy as no information will be shared with outside sources.

Verification of Users

Both sites don’t verify users during the sign-up process. However, Coffee Meets Bagel does its best to get rid of fake profiles. Users also decide who they connect with and can easily disconnect from a match whenever they feel unsafe.

Fakes or Scam

Coffee Meets Bagel has more genuine users because it doesn’t entertain casual flings. This eliminates the presence of scams and scams, but you won’t miss multiple either. Bumble attracts all sorts of profiles because of the many features. There are genuine profiles, but you will grapple with fakes and scams.

Pricing Policies

Coffee Meets Bagel has a bit pricey packages as indicated below:

  • A month’s membership goes for USD 34.99
  • Three-month subscription costs USD 74.99
  • Six months would be worth USD 119.98
  • One year membership runs for USD 179.96

Besides subscriptions, CMB’s users can purchase beans as charged below:

  • 100 credits worth USD 1.99
  • 2000 credits go for USD 23.99
  • 3000 credits worth USD 24.98

Bumble has three subscription types; one week costs USD 10.99, one-month worths USD 24.99, and a life-long membership worths USD 149.99. You can also purchase credits from these plans:

  • One coin at USD 1.99
  • Five coins at USD 8.99
  • Ten coins at USD 14.99
  • Twenty coins at USD 24.99
  • Thirty coins at USD 37.98

Free Membership

Bumble’s free users can download the app, create a profile, view match suggestions, and chat with other users. You can also access the rematch feature at no cost.

Coffee Meets Bagel equally allows free users to access the app, register, and create a profile. You will also receive free beans and chat with connected subscribers.

Final thoughts: The Winner is…

GOOD FOR ladies who prefer taking first step
Coffee Meets Bagel
Coffee Meets Bagel
GOOD FOR busy professionals in search of partners

It’s a tough battle to decide who wins this contest, yet one should thrive. Bumble is excellent, but the presence of scams makes it less reputable. That said, Coffee Meets Bagel is the winner!

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