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Tinder vs. Tinder Plus: The Key Differences

Tinder vs. Tinder Plus: The Key Differences

When you create an account with Tinder, you are awarded over 80 swipes and one super like after 24 hours. These are the basic features that are available for every new member, and they are all free. The only difference between the two plans is that if you subscribe to Tinder Plus, you are likely to get some additional features. Some of them include:

  • One Tinder boost for every month: It is one of the best features Tinder Plus members enjoy. It allows members to stay for 30 minutes up there. You can purchase a Tinder boost rather than upgrading your account.
  • Absolute right swipes: Spare yourself some disappointments when you are in the right mood to match with someone. Just sit on the couch and swipe all day.
  • Daily five super likes: Did you know super likes can make a conversation 70% longer? This increases the chances of matching with someone more than three times.
  • The undo feature: You can accidentally swipe left for a perfect match. With Tinder Plus, you can save yourself from the frustrations by rewinding it and make the swipe right.
  • Tinder passport: Allows you to change location as you swipe matches all over the world.
  • Profile privacy: Make your profile picture visible to members you choose.
  • You can hide your age and location so that other members cannot see.
  • Unlimited likes: Likes are meant to increase the chances of winning a potential match. Tinder Plus, therefore, will help you have your bag filled.

How Are Tinder And Tinder Plus Function?

How Tinder and Tinder Plus function is based on the swiping game. Every time you see a profile on the website’s main page, you are the one to decide whether to swipe left or right. However, this depends on whether you like someone or not. If you swipe left, it means no or dislike. Swiping right means a yes or like. When you like a user’s profile, they won’t know unless they like you back. The method is so easy and hassle-free, making members get results in minimum time. You have to look at the users’ photos, check the bio, and decide what you think by swiping left or right. An upgrade to the premium version will only enhance some features that a basic member cannot do – this gives you an exciting opportunity of getting the right match. For instance, Tinder Plus provides no ads, so you can have unlimited swiping without distractions. Tinder Plus also gives you the advantage of finding who have admired you and approach them directly by liking their profiles. It is better than waiting for a text back.


Tinder Tinder Plus
🗹 Easy sign-up process 🗹 A lot of users can see your profile with a boost.
🗹 Time-saving when compared to other dating websites 🗹 Allows users to hide their profile pictures, age, and location.
🗹 Free of cost 🗹 Unlimited swipes
🗹 Easy to use 🗹 Rewind feature
🗹 Hookup with people in your location 🗹 Guarantees instant matches


Tinder Tinder Plus
Limited swipes It is just a waste of money if you can’t change the location.
Difficult to stand out from the rest of the members Some profiles are fakes

Design And Usability: Tinder vs. Tinder Plus

Tinder is one of the best dating websites you can use. It offers a quick registration process, too. Becoming a member at Tinder will take you a few minutes, and browsing around the website is more comfortable. Even better, Tinder has developed an app for mobile users. So, you can be sure of convenience.

The platform allows users to scroll up and down quickly when looking for their perfect match. Tinder aims to make your profile attractive. As a result, they provide multiple choices during the registration process. The website also allows members to rearrange or delete images anytime.

The platform has a smart photo feature that allows members to upload three pictures, and it picks the best one out of it. It also allows users to add information about themselves in the bio. It is another way of making yourself more presentable, increasing the chances of getting the right suggestions. You can also incorporate music into your profile to make it more engaging.

The website allows members to connect Tinder accounts with Instagram. The same goes for Snapchat. It also allows users to connect with Spotify, so a chance to showcase your music taste and the kind of songs you love.

It is important to note that Tinder and Tinder Plus usability is the same. Subscription to the premium version will offer you a separate section of exclusive features that are not available in the basic account.

Web & App Design

The web design features an attractive theme (red-orange) which brings a modern feel. The profile layout is impressive and well designed. Whether it is Tinder or Tinder Plus, the color is the same. On the other hand, the mobile application offers a straightforward user experience. It is downloadable at no cost, and it is available for both iOS and Android users.

Although it is specifically meant to be used on mobile devices, people can use it as a desktop version. However, you are limited to an excellent swiping experience.

While Tinder mobile app offers a convenient way of finding the match, it is good to familiarize yourself with apps before opening them. It will prevent you from wasting important things such as rewind, freebies, and many more.


Tinder Tinder Plus
iOS app 🗹 Available 🗹 available
Android app 🗹 Available 🗹 Available
Web/desktop version 🗹 Available 🗹 Available

Tinder Member Base

Speaking about the member base, Tinder is the most famous dating website with over 50 million users from all around the world. There are over 8 million users active within a week.

Data says that most users are young adults between the age of 18-34. The highest percentage comes from the USA, but other countries aren’t far behind the numbers.

On the other hand, Tinder Plus has a small user base because not everyone wants to pay for dating. Most users begin with a standard account and upgrade to Tinder Plus once they feel unsatisfied with the free version.

Unlike Tinder which gives a curious dater a look around, Tinder Plus targets users with serious dating intentions.

Male/Female Accounts

37% of the population in Tinder are women, and 63% are men. So, women have higher chances of meeting the right matches.

Registration & Profile

To register on Tinder, you need to download the application first. Tinder offers an easy registration process that can take you 5-8 minutes to complete. All you need is to provide an email address or phone number to receive a verification message.

Once verified, you need to provide information about your name, gender, birthday and upload a profile picture to end the registration process. Finding a match at Tinder requires no subscription. However, if you want to enhance your swiping experience, Tinder Plus is the best choice.

Tinder vs. Tinder Plus: Differences in Searching And Matching

When it comes to Tinder (free version), many people are limited to several opportunities of impressing their matches in many ways. So in this battle of Tinder vs. Tinder Plus, you can prefer Tinder Plus.

Upon creating an account, Tinder (free) members are allowed to find their matched users. But you won’t try out other features that can level up your entire dating experience.

Searching profiles in Tinder is possible for matched users only. You can’t search a profile if you have not liked each other. Sending a message on Tinder is free, but you are limited to the number of matches. Tinder plus members can send messages even to the matches that haven’t liked you back.

If you are a Tinder Plus member, you can search for people from all over the world. It is something that a Tinder member can never do. In short, avail yourself of Tinder Plus if you want to enjoy more fancy features.

Possibility to Meet your Love

Tinder is one of the best dating websites globally, focusing on providing convenience and a top choice for discerning daters. It has helped thousands of members start the journey of finding a real date. The possibility of meeting your love is high, especially if you are a Tinder Plus member.

A survey conducted in 2017 reports that 37% of the population in Tinder has found their soulmate.

Possibility to Find Casual Hookup

Tinder is best known for long-term relationships and casual flings, especially to people who lack face-to-face dating chances. But Tinder does a better job even if you want a hookup. No matter where you stay or work, Tinder will turn your hookup dream into a reality.

Quality Of Profiles & User Safety

Tinder allows members to add information in the bio to impress other users. It also allows members to add music to make their profile impressive.

Because creating an account is easy, it is possible to encounter some fake profiles and bots. So, be careful when swiping profiles left. Do not open the external links sent from your matched users. Also, avoid profiles with only one picture and a little information on the bio. These accounts are most likely to be fake or a scam.

Verification of Users

Tinder verifies users through an email or a telephone number. It is the first thing users provide before they continue setting up their accounts. To verify your email, you need to click on the link sent in the message.

Fakes or Scam

Just like fake profiles on Instagram or Facebook, it is no surprise that Tinder isn’t an exception. Tinder is an ideal platform where people hide behind fake profiles for a lot of reasons. So, understanding what Tinder is all about will help you notice fake profiles easily.

Pricing Policies

For a free account (Tinder), you don’t need to pay any money. But for the Tinder Plus account, you need to pay some subscription amount. There are three packages (gold, plus, and platinum) to choose from, and users are charged based on their age, as shown below:

Tinder gold for members aged below 28:

  • One month at $14.99
  • Six months at $52.90
  • One year at $82.99

Tinder gold for subscribers above 28:

  • One month at $29.99
  • Six months worth $112.99
  • Twelve months worth $149.99

Tinder plus for members aged below 28:

  • One month costing $9.99
  • Six months at $34.99
  • One year worths $54.99

Tinder plus pricing plans for members above 28 years:

  • One month worths $19.99
  • Six months at $60.00
  • One year goes for $80.00

Tinder platinum membership plans for users under 28:

  • One month goes for $14.32
  • Six months worth $50.10
  • One year costing $71.64

Tinder platinum subscriptions for users above 28:

  • One month worths $17.99
  • Six months subscription costing $63.89
  • Twelve months membership worth $90

Tinder offers three payment methods: credit card, debit card, or using a mobile phone.

Free Membership

So, should you go for a free membership or subscribe to a premium version? Free members are limited to some features that can elevate the whole swiping experience. On the other hand, taking a subscription is not easy. But look at the benefits you will get after subscribing. Tinder Plus allows you to enjoy more features that upgrade a dating app to be more exclusive.

However, if you are looking for limited services, a free membership is the best way to go.

Final Thoughts: The Winner is…

In the Tinder and Tinder Plus comparison, many people can come up with many conclusions. But, if you don’t need a lot of expectations, Tinder is worth a try. If you are looking for instant matches and don’t want to compromise things, opt for Tinder Plus. It unlocks all features that you need to find a perfect match in the shortest time possible. So, Tinder Plus wins!

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