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Quiver Review 2024

Quiver Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 71%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 18-25
Profiles 700 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 9.2
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A detailed and customized profile system;
  • The ability to communicate easily and effectively;
  • Dedicated support team engaged in helping users make the most of this site;
  • Play a game of matchmaker and hook up your mates with their ultimate match.
  • A rather lengthy profile building process;
  • App available for iPhone only;
  • Limited to mobile site;
  • Poorly promoted and difficult to access;
  • Only average user base figures.

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With all those millennial hook-up apps out there to choose from, why would one need a Quiver app? This app is refreshingly old fashioned in intent, while still sleek and modern in usability. This is a place for people seeking people, in a more serious long-term type scenario.

As a selling point? Got the urge to find a date for Aunty Gertrude? Your reclusive best mate? You can play the match up game and organize a date for someone who needs a bit of opposite sex (or same-sex) attention. Get your Cupid on and find someone for yourself and point your Cupid’s arrow on behalf of someone else.

Quiver is the go-to site for people seeking a more stable form of commitment. In a world with fast food and fast love, it is refreshing that Quiver has opted to make one on one connections the basis of their goal.

With a singularly refined set of personalized criteria, Quiver aims to get those arrows out and find your perfect target. Although Quivers’s main priority is love matches, there is the opportunity to make friends and broaden your social network.

Just because Quiver sets its sights on long term matches does not mean that it is old fashioned. It has a modern interface and all the features that you expect from a modern-day matchmaking tool. Try their matchmaking feature and share the feeling by getting your best mate or your sister a match that rocks their world.

Play Quiver’s matchmaking game and share the love. Find a special someone for someone special who maybe lacks the confidence to find someone themselves. Quiver is just the place that you were looking for if that’s what makes you happy.

When was Quiver Founded?

When was Quiver Founded?

Quiver was founded just after Valentine’s day in 2015 by a successful company TenthBit Inc which designs and develops messaging applications in the United States. TenthBit Inc is the creator of a highly successful dating app, Couple, the precursor of their new site, Quiver.

Who Owns Quiver?

Hailing from California, the founders of TenthBit Inc came up with an idea to create Quiver due to their constant need to repurpose other existing services to connect with their significant others. Tired of having to tweak popular sites to get the most of keeping in touch with their partners, they put their heads together and came up with a plan. They set about creating the Couple app, which has helped send over a billion messages between folks, and then their latest dating excursion, Quiver, was given birth.

Registration & Profile

Signup is simple and user friendly. Time from the get-go to completion should not take a user more than a quarter-hour. Once you let Quiver know who you are and what you like, you will be streamlined into communicating with those who match your criteria. The usual bio questions are standard, including your sexual orientation, demographics, and location.


The Quiver search feature is easy to use to start browsing for your significant other. The refined search also eliminates a lot of the preamble necessary to find a match that shares your interests and suits your physical type.

The good news is that it is free to message those that tickle your fancy, but sorry guys, they must like you back for the chats to happen. Quiver tries to eliminate the occurrence of those unwanted elements who merely lurk in the shadows without serious intention of seeking a match as well as protect users from other members who just want to get in their face.

Best feature? You can finally get your introverted DL sexual superwoman buddy out there with Quiver’s matchmaking feature. Why not share the feeling and take the plunge for your shyer sidekicks? You never know you might be making a speech as the best (wo)man and claiming all the credit soon enough. Well, that’s nice.

The best part is you get to set up your chosen victim’s profile and who you reckon will rock their boat, because sometimes people closest to you can see past your blind spots. Or maybe not. It’s nice to get a date with nothing riding on your dignity or street cred, though, isn’t it?

How to Search For People on Quiver

How to Search For People on Quiver

Quiver is an algorithm-based service, so expect quite a few questions from this site in your initial stages of membership. By using a series of questions, Quiver then runs this algorithm to seek out viable matches for your perusal.

Although this stage may be a bit time consuming, it is worthwhile in the end. The more detailed you make your profile, the easier it is to find someone out there that suits you. Generally, the profiles that are sketchy and don’t express much of the user’s identity are never really popular on a site engineered for serious seekers.

Personalized and complete profiles show that a user is serious about wanting to find a proper match and willing to do what it takes to make it a reality. Alternatively, you can give someone a shove into the dating pool and set them up on the matchmaker feature.

How to Delete Your Quiver Account?

Deleting your account is simple. Merely follow the prompts on your user account marked “delete account history,” and your account will be removed along with your profile.

Members Structure

Quiver, while more intimate, has a smaller database than its larger competitors. Due to the seriousness of Quiver ethos combined with the super novel matchmaker feature, it attracts various users. There are people in their thirties to forties bracket, as well as a sector of younger users that are growing.

Don’t worry, though, as there is an opportunity for more senior members to have a chance at finding their perfect partner. Either by their own steam or by some other Cupid who is tired of seeing them drinking beer in their pajamas on a Saturday night.

Sexual Preferences

Whether you are a girl seeking guy, or a guy seeking guy, or a girl seeking girl, all orientations have their place in Quiver. Although the statistics do show that a larger percentage of straight people make use of this site, other orientations are also represented in the composite whole. Quiver has an inclusive policy when it comes to members and embraces both straight and gay interactions.

Race and Ethnicity

Race and Ethnicity

Although there is a part of the profile set up that asks members to state their ethnicity, it is merely a means for other users to find out more particular details of a potential mate. Quiver has no affiliation to race and ethnic stereotyping and maintains a stance of being fully inclusive.

Religious Orientation

Once again, Quiver stands by their all-inclusive ethos and does not discriminate according to religious affiliations. After all, it takes all types to make up this world, and everyone deserves a chance at finding happiness.

Pricing Policies

Quiver prides itself on the fact that free users have access to most essential features on their site while still providing the paid members with enough incentives to keep their bank cards swiping.

Free Membership

Free members have access to basic features of this site, such as basic messaging and access to a choice of matches based on the Quiver match algorithm. Messaging, however, is more limited, and free users do not have the option of messaging members who are not part of their matched profiles.

The free version is a bit advertisement-heavy, which can be annoying and distracting when you are trying to get down to the business of getting your groove on.

Paid Membership

Paid members have unlimited messaging, so they can communicate with prospects that don’t fall under the banner of their official matches.

So, fellow seekers, there is an opportunity to step out of your league or even take a chance on someone who may end up being a match even though they were not your idea of an ideal partner.

The best part of Quiver free based services is that you can set your buddy up for your double date. Everyone needs a little encouragement now and then to get out there and really live. Don’t you all have some magic friend who just needs a little shove to find someone to appreciate them?

How to Cancel Quiver Paid Subscription

Simply contact your Quiver support team, and they will provide you with a link to leave this site. There is no reason to hang around if you have already met your soulmate, is there?

Is Quiver Safe?

It is always best to research any site’s security policy before taking a risk on membership. Quiver’s site will provide you with their safety features on its safety page. A strong and effective support team will be accessible on established sites to provide you with assistance regarding suspicious user activity. Who wants to open your heart only to find you are being taken advantage of.

Quality of Profiles

The ability to refine your searches and define yourself on Quiver go a great way to ensure that you get the most out of your dating experience. Although the setting up process for your profile may be a tad more time-consuming than other sites, this personalization ensures that your potential matches are uniquely suited to your search for a long-term match.

Website Design and Usability

Although this site can be a bit text-heavy and full profile completion a bit tedious, Quiver is streamlined and user-friendly with a sleek interface. The developers might not put their best in there, but the result is still highly satisfactory. Also, this site has very intuitive navigation, which, in our opinion, always beats flashy design.

Website Design and Usability

Quiver App

According to DatePerfect research, this dating app is only available on the iPhone. This seems a bit limiting and probably the reason for their lack of visibility and their small user database. However, Quiver mobile site has mostly the same features as its app, so Android users have nothing to worry about.

Alternatives of Quiver

Dating apps like Hinge, Match, and Coffee Meets Bagel are sites in the more serious dating niche that head the lists on social media. Quiver has a small social media presence, and their smaller database really puts them out of the running for top dating sites. But if a smaller, more intimate site may be your thing, then Quiver is for you.



Although TenthBit Inc hit paydirt with their Couple site, this new branch seems a bit of a flimsy one. Low media profile and small user base mean they fall through the cracks between larger and more robust sites.

Although the matchmaker aspect is cool, surely the focus should be finding your match and letting your loved ones find their own? After all, who had ever had a great experience when someone tried to play Cupid with their hearts? Not many.

However, the matchmaking game has proved popular, especially among the millennial demographic, and that aspect is quite novel in the dating app scenario. But whether that is enough to place Quiver on the dating map is still up for debate.

Quiver fails to really define itself or stand out among its competitors. Features are pretty similar, and algorithm-based matching is pretty run of the mill now. Failure to launch is probably a catchphrase that should be attributed to Quiver. If a lack of media visibility is anything to go by, Quiver may not be our kind of match at all, despite the algorithms.

But who knows? Grab your Apple phone and give them a whirl. Maybe you can finally get your useless friend and his Bob Marley bong off your sofa and hook up with some rich woman? If being Cupid is your thing, get on those wings and dust off your bow.

Contact Information

Company: TenthBit Inc

Address: 59 Grant Avenue, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA, United States.

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