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eHarmony vs. OkCupid: The Key Differences

eHarmony vs. OkCupid: The Key Differences

Both OkCupid and eHarmony are legit and trusted dating brands for people looking for any kind of relationship. The sites have attracted genuine users from various parts of the world. So, you can explore the crowds with a free membership. Several differences don’t stack up both sites evenly in the dating world. So, how does eHarmony differ from OkCupid?

  1. Types of relationships

Most of the eHarmony’s subscribers are looking for real hookups that could read to life-lasting relationships.

On the other hand, OkCupid has higher chances of hooking up singles casually and for fun dates. Though OkCupid’s approach to online dating is casual, this doesn’t mean that you will miss long-term dates.

  1. Membership and popularity

OkCupid has millions of subscribers because it is a free dating site. Prospective daters might find the website appealing as it has free memberships. eHarmony seems to be a little stringent in terms of membership, as accessing the app is subject to membership.

  1. Signing up

OkCupid’s registration will wow its users because of the funny cartoons that come alongside the personality questionnaire. Registration takes approximately 15 minutes.

eHarmony’s sign-up process is lengthier and features close to 100 questions regarding deal-breakers, goals, hobbies, likes and dislikes.

  1. Matchmaking and hookups

eHarmony takes over your dating experience when using the platform. Ideally, you have no control over who becomes your ‘partner’ as everything is guided by your responses when registering.

OkCupid appears ideal and functional as you have full control of who becomes your pair. The site caters to not only romance and instant hookups but also social networks. Upgrading to A-list membership unlocks search tools for users to customize and filter match results.

  1. Pricing and VIP memberships

OkCupid is more or less free because some features are availed even without upgrading. However, some features will be inaccessible for users on the free plan.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do when using eHarmony as a free subscriber. The site has VIP plans; one lasts up to six months while the other extends to one year.

How are eHarmony and OkCupid Functions?

Though popular, both OkCupid and eHarmony have different functions. eHarmony doesn’t have control over who people can connect with as the algorithm guides everything. This can be unappealing for members who wish to be in charge of potential spouses. Browsing, viewing profiles, chatting and hooking up only happens upon paying for a membership plan.

On the other hand, OkCupid is the ideal dating site for singles who want an incredible dating experience. It focuses on romance and personalized connections, leaving members to decide who their partner becomes. What’s striking on OkCupid is that members can make notes on interesting profiles and contact them later. Even without upgrading, you can view profiles and send messages.


Below are some of eHarmony and OkCupid’s pros.

eHarmony OkCupid
  • Can be used for sustainable networks and relationships
  • The in-depth registration process that features personality and relationship questions
  • Users receive possible match suggestions daily
  • The matchmaking algorithm is based on compatibility
  • Comprehensive profiles have essential information any user wishes to find before committing.
  • Perfect for hookups and casual flings
  • The site has advice and dating tips accessible during registration.
  • Free subscribers can use a lot of features
  • Hooking up is subject to a user’s desire. You can search using specific filters.
  • You can view detailed user profiles.


You might have to grapple with the following sites when using either OkCupid or eHarmony.

eHarmony OkCupid
  • The lengthy registration process can be time-consuming and overwhelming.
  • There is no way for users to customize match suggestions.
  • Free members can do nothing until they upgrade by choosing a subscription.
  • Upgrading might be costly for some users.
  • LGBTQ singles cannot use this site.
  • Replying to a message is only available for users who like each other.
  • The technical team has a lot to do in weeding out fake profiles.
  • You need a subscription before unlocking some features.
  • Subscriptions are renewed automatically.
  • Finding ideal relationships can be tricky.

eHarmony vs. OkCupid: Design and Usability

Any website’s design can influence attractiveness. If it is appealing, it will be pleasant to potential users. eHarmony has a simple yet minimal layout with few things that might not appeal to some users. The developers need to focus on its design as it appears too conventional in the 21st century.

Though simple and basic, OkCupid has a straightforward interface but might not wow undecided users. However, the cartoons and emojis on the homepage might be a striking feature of OkCupid’s design.

Web and App Design

eHarmony has a user-friendly interface with a few bars on the homepage. The design has grids that consist of compatible matches with each profile displaying the user’s name, age, city and a blurred image. The layout is minimal and you need to familiarize yourself with the interface before enjoying a seamless experience. eHarmony’s tabs and functions are neatly organized, reducing clutter. There are no advertisements to distract you except for those that urge members to upgrade.

OkCupid isn’t striking either, but that doesn’t mean that it is less functional. You can access the features effortlessly and navigate all functions with ease. The web and APK versions have simple blue and white theme for a striking impression. Notifications and other points of emphasis are featured in pink.


eHarmony OkCupid
Android App
Web/Desktop Version

eHarmony vs. OkCupid Member Base

Who is signing up on these websites? Both websites seem to be flooded with users from the United States.

eHarmony is attractive to people looking for long-life and solid relationships. Approximately 50 million users have found this site useful when contemplating online dating. The site boasts diverse memberships globally, with most subscribers within the age group of 26 to 35. Most of the people who have opted to use eHarmony are educated and have stable lifestyles.

OkCupid has been appealing to more than 50 million members from various countries. The site attracts diverse subscribers and there is no bias against ethnicity, class, or religion. A majority of the users are aged 25 and above. You should know that most users are looking for partners to explore romantic fantasies and engage casually.

Male/Female Accounts

Both OkCupid and eHarmony have more male subscribers than female. OkCupid’s male subscribers outnumber their counterparts by 65%, whereas eHarmony’s are 54%. Female subscribers are 35% and 46%, respectively.

Registration and Profile

How do you become a member of any of the two dating sites? Both have an in-depth registration process, only that eHarmony’s is a bit longer and will require more time to set up a profile. There are two options when signing up on eHarmony: by Facebook or email.

The process will require at least 15 minutes as you will be required to respond to a detailed questionnaire. The personality questions help determine who is your ideal mate. You will respond to questions that gauge your reactions to some situations. You will also take a relationship and compatibility quiz when registering.

Compatibility questions tend to seek your response on what are you are looking for in an ideal spouse. eHarmony prioritizes a user’s dating interests before you can find compatible suggestions. You can submit other details, including age and uploading a photo when done with the questionnaire.

OkCupid also has a personality questionnaire though it isn’t as lengthy as eHarmony’s. You will need less than ten minutes to become OkCupid’s member. New users can register via email or Facebook and submit primary details like age, name, and location.

The next step necessitates that you respond to questions about your personality, likes and dislikes, hobbies, sexual orientation, habits, and dating pursuits. Your responses will be influential in matchmaking.

eHarmony vs. OkCupid: Differences in Searching and Matching

The main goal for signing up on a dating site is to find a suitable partner. The two differ by far on how you can find a possible match. eHarmony has a unique algorithm that automates compatible suggestions. This is the reason you participate in the extensive questionnaire. You should be honest with your responses. Other than the automated matches, eHarmony users have no way of personalizing compatible suggestions.

OkCupid is fascinating when it comes to matchmaking. First, it has a roulette-based feature for matchmaking, and you can select from the list. The automated suggestions are a result of your responses to the questionnaire you filled. Alternatively, the advanced search system can be resourceful in curating matches based on specific filters like age, location, gender, and relationship type.

Possibility to Meet your Love

Are you looking for meaningful and sustainable dates? Your go-to dating site between the two should be eHarmony. By reviewing this comparative guide, you can tell that eHarmony focuses on connecting people for real-life dates and possibly marriage. eHarmony is the home for true love.

Possibility to Find Casual Hookup

Singles would find both eHarmony and OkCupid appealing to long-term and short-term relationships. However, it would be costly to sign up on eHarmony if you are looking for instant flings. OkCupid seems to outdo eHarmony in providing instant hookups, one-night stands, casual dates, and social networks.

Quality Of Profiles & User Safety

eHarmony outshines OkCupid when comparing the quality of profiles. Each user’s profile is detailed with sensible information, with only premium members having the privilege to view a complete profile. Users can only see profiles’ information of compatible members. Since eHarmony limits what free users can do on the website, the likelihood of finding fake profiles is almost zero.

On the contrary, OkCupid has many reputable profiles, but it doesn’t rule out scams and fake profiles.

Verification of Users

Though OkCupid verifies its users, there is a need to get rid of fake profiles. It seems like most subscribers are into casual flings and easily get bored using the site. eHarmony prides itself on verifying its users because of mandatory upgrading for unlocking the site’s functionalities.

Fakes or Scam

The presence of free features on OkCupid could be alarming to new users as it breeds scams and fakes. eHarmony seems the way to go if you intend to connect with genuine members.

Pricing Policies

You must part with few dollars before using eHarmony. OkCupid has VIP subscriptions, but you can access some free features. Below is the pricing breakdown for both sites.

eHarmony has three within-average premium memberships packages: light, plus, and extra. The cheapest package (light) runs for six months and is worth USD 390.40. For 12 months, you will acquire the average subscription (plus) worth USD 550.90, while for 24 months, you subscribe to the extra package worth USD 860.80.

OkCupid has two membership types. The first one is the A-list basic divided into three: one month costing USD 7.99, three months worth USD 19.50, and six months costing USD 23.89. The second membership package is the A-list premium plan so you will be charged USD 24.98 for one month, USD 68.80 for three months, and USD 119.40 for six months.

Free Membership

eHarmony offers few features to members who don’t upgrade, including registration, participating in the personality and compatibility tests, and browsing profiles.

OkCupid unlocks the following functions to its users at no cost:

  • Signing up
  • Sending messages to other users
  • Search for matches using personal filters
  • Receive compatible suggestions
  • Send likes to someone who interests you
  • Use the double-take feature

Final thoughts: The Winner is eHarmony

Though the two compare head to head, eHarmony is unmatched. Though OkCupid excels in different features, eHarmony is suitable for definitive relationships that most users wish to find.

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