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Tinder Plus VS Gold: The Key Differences

Tinder Plus VS Gold: The Key Differences

Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus are both paid services on the Tinder dating platform. Both of them offer the following:

  • The rewind option.
  • Five super likes daily.
  • Users get one boost each month.
  • Passport.
  • Unlimited likes.

Deciding whether to pay more for the Gold upgrade or choose the Plus option depends on what users prefer.

The upgrades differ in a few ways. The main dissimilarity is the likes. The Gold option allows customers to see people who like them. It gives users more confidence to show interest if they want to interact with a person.

The Gold upgrade offers customers an exciting way of swiping paired with the ability to see who likes them.

Tinder splits its memberships into 1, 6, and 12 months. People above 28 years pay more than the younger ones because they presumably have higher income.

Tinder Plus is cheaper than Tinder Gold. The latter offers more services than the former.

How Tinder Plus and Gold Function?

Plus and Gold upgrades have various similarities and differences. Below are their pros and cons.


Plus Gold
  • The service is available on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Users do not need to provide many details to get started.
  • People find matches easily. They only need to swipe right or up to give a super-like.
  • Members connect with people faster compared to most dating platforms.
  • The app has the lite version. It is suitable for individuals that want to lower data usage.
  • Users can find matches by using a computer or a mobile device.
  • Members can get started with just a few details.
  • People can see who likes them.
  • The app is fun to use.
  • The app is free to download.


Plus Gold
  • Profiles lack enough information.
  • Users above 28 years pay more than the younger ones.
  • People cannot look for matches with the same interests. They have to scroll through every person.
  • Users’ photos need to get verified.
  • There are bots and fake users.
  • The service is expensive.
  • There are fake profiles.
  • Profiles are less detailed.
  • Picture verification is necessary.
  • Users find matches based on appearance, which is not enough to tell whether a person suits you.

Design And Usability: Tinder Plus VS Gold

Tinder is available on desktop and mobile devices. Both platforms offer the same features.

Web & App Design

Most customers access Tinder on mobile devices. The platform features an attractive layout with various icons, beautiful colors, and music. Swiping to find a match is not difficult, and neither is navigating through the site to perform other activities.

Users, however, need to familiarize themselves with the icons before using the Tinder app. Knowing how they work will prevent one from wasting free offers such as super-like, rewind, and boost.

Mobile devices that operate on Windows require downloading 6tin, the 3rd party Tinder app. They can use it before the official one becomes available.


Plus Gold
Android App
Web/Desktop Version ✔ (login with FB)* ✔ (login with FB)*

Tinder Member Base

Tinder is a famous dating service. Over 190 countries use it globally. It is accessible in 40 languages, making it more appealing to people searching for sexual partners.

The latest statistics show that nearly ninety million individuals use the app. 10% of them have Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus memberships.

You may encounter people of all ages on the website, but most are between 25 and 34. They make up for 45% of the population.

Another significant number is for individuals between 18 and 24 years. They make up 35% of the website population.

Those between 35 and 44 years make up for 15% of the users. The remaining percentage is the individuals above 45 years.

In every age category, men are more than women. Most members are from the following countries:

  • The United States.
  • The United Kingdom.
  • Brazil.
  • Russia.
  • France.
  • Australia.

Male/Female Accounts

The number of males in Tinder is actually twice that of women.

Registration & Profile

Joining the Tinder dating platform is not complicated. New users can register by connecting to a Facebook account or using a mobile number.

The details required on the registration form include:

  • Name.
  • Birth date.
  • Gender.
  • Sexual orientation.
  • Education.

Users also need to upload a picture and allow the app to access their location.

Profile details

  1. Media

Users can import their Facebook pictures or upload them from their gallery. The site accepts up to 9 photos, including videos. Enabling the best images function checks profiles and determines the right one to display.

  1. About

Tinder allows customers to edit their registration details and add a bio. They can include their job or where they work. Users can change their gender and select their orientation too.

  1. Snapchat

The app allows members to link their Snapchat accounts to use Bitmojis in texting.

  1. Instagram

Customers can connect their Instagram pages to allow others to access their pictures.

  1. My Anthem

Spotify gives Tinder customers a chance to add a profile Anthem. Users need to be Spotify members to access the service.

There is a collection of songs to choose from, or you can search for the one you like. The music will play when other people view your page.

  1. Spotify

Tinder allows connecting to Spotify to show your favorite musicians and see what you share with others.

  1. Manage your profile

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold allow members to disable their age and location.

Tinder Plus VS Gold: Differences In Searching And Matching

There is no searching on Tinder. Whether you have the Plus or Gold membership, you can only look for individuals who have already shown interest.

The site has two matching methods:

a. Discovery

b. Top picks

The matching techniques utilize an algorithm that uses various factors to recommend suitable partners. They are:

  • Location
  • How active people are.
  • The type of users liked and rejected.

Users can modify the matching settings. For instance, you can change gender, age range, distance, etc. However, the modifications do not guarantee finding suitable matches.

Possibility to Meet your Love

It is almost impossible to meet people interested in long-term affairs on Tinder. People looking for marriage partners should look for other dating apps.

Possibility to Find Casual Hookup

The site supports casual relationships. It is possible to find as many hookups as you like.

Quality Of Profiles & User Safety

Tinder app focuses on hookups. It is rare for people to find partners interested in dating for the long term.

Another thing that discourages long-term affairs on Tinder is the lack of enough profile details. The site features a bio section which most users leave blank. It is not easy to know people’s interests because many of them are not into serious commitments.

Verification of Users

Tinder verifies members using Facebook, email addresses, or mobile numbers.

Fakes or Scam

Tinder users need to be cautious when using the platform. They can ensure safety by doing the following:

  • They should not give strangers their details. Information such as phone number, location, and where one works is what scammers use to steal from innocent users.
  • It is not advisable to meet in private places on the first date. Instead, meet in open areas and ensure to inform someone about the meet-up.
  • Block and report any user who makes them uncomfortable. The site ensures to prevent malicious individuals from affecting innocent users’ activities.

Tinder also features Noonlight. The function requires users to share their date details. In case of danger, people can ask for help. Ensuring safety is also why the app requires the GPS location to remain active.

Pricing Policies

Below is the amount users pay and the features they enjoy after each upgrade.



  • Users access everything that free members get.
  • There are no adverts.
  • Users can control what appears on their profiles. For instance, they can hide their age and location.
  • Users get unlimited likes or right swipes.
  • There are unlimited rewinds that allow customers to return to the last individual they swiped left to change their selection.
  • Users get read receipts. The option notifies them when people read their messages. It also includes being able to prevent others from knowing when you read their texts.
  • The passport feature allows customers to modify their location. The option lets you find partners outside your region, and it encompasses a travel safety function.
  • There is the boost feature which puts the profile on top for half an hour. Nearby users can see you.
  • Customers receive five super likes per day to highlight their preferences when people check out their profiles.
  • Users can choose to have their profiles get seen by individuals that like them.


The cost for Tinder plus membership is higher for users above 28 years. It is only in California where all members pay the same amount.

Cost for individuals below 28 years

  • One month: $9.99.
  • Six months: $34.99 ($5.83 each month).
  • Twelve months: $54.99 ($4.58 each month).

Cost for individuals above 28 years

  • One month: $19.99.
  • Six months: $60.90 ($10.00 each month).
  • Twelve months: $80.00 ($6.67 each month).



  • Members access everything that Tinder Plus upgrade offers.
  • Users access Top Picks. They can like as many people as they want.
  • People can see the individuals who like them in messages. They can also like them back.


Cost for individuals below 28 years

  • One month: $14.99.
  • Six months: $52.99 ($8.83 each month).
  • Twelve months: $82.99 ($6.92 each month).

Cost for individuals above 28 years

  • One month: $29.99.
  • Six months: $112.99 ($18.83 each month).
  • Twelve months: $150.00 ($12.50 each month).

Free Membership

Users can download the Tinder app and open an account without paying. Other free services include:

  • People can swipe right if they like a person or move left if they don’t.
  • Mutual matches get added to people’s matches list.
  • Free members only see individuals with one hundred miles.
  • Customers get one super like each day as a reward. They can use it on any person they find attractive.

Final Thoughts: The Winner is …

Tinder offers the Plus and Gold paid memberships. Both eliminate adverts, offer more likes, allow users to rewind swipes, reward super likes, boost profiles, etc.

Their main dissimilarity besides the cost is the extra feature for Gold members, which lets people see who likes them. You will never need to wait for matches since you can accept anyone who shows interest and start communicating. Members also have access to Top Picks.

The difference between free users and those with either Plus or Gold memberships is that the latter access top features. The former lot only has access to basic features which allow them to find matches too.

The aim of joining a dating platform is to find compatible partners. Upgrading your membership does not guarantee finding the perfect matches. To be successful, one needs to have an attractive profile and good messaging skills besides paying for the service.

If you need additional features and you lack many matches, choose the Plus option.

If you have many compatible partners and need a simple way to use the website, purchase the Gold membership.

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