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Badoo VS Tinder: The Key Differences

Badoo VS Tinder: The Key Differences
Badoo was launched in 2006, while Tinder came into existence in 2012. Even though Tinder looks like a competitor, Badoo still has numerous amazing features that make it top. The two platforms are meant for hookups and not long-term relationships. It is not easy to find serious relationships using these platforms. In both, users are required to swipe when looking for matches. Since the platforms have millions of members, the profiles to choose from are endless. When you swipe to the right, it shows that you like the profile. Swiping to the left shows dislike or rejection. However, when two users like one another, a notification alert is sent to both of them. This signals that they are free to start a conversation. Any gender on both platforms can initiate a chat. The probability of finding a genuine partner to hook up with is, however, not guaranteed. In this article, a lot is elaborated that will make you make an informed decision based on the experience that you will get.

How Badoo and Tinder Function?

Both Tinder and Badoo function the same. Once you have downloaded either of the apps, you create an account. Your account will then be verified using a phone number if it was a Tinder app. For Badoo, a phone number or a Facebook account is used for verification purposes. You can then scroll on the platforms’ interfaces to navigate the features. Here are some of the pros and cons of the online dating services


Tinder Badoo
  • The best app for those who want short-term commitments.
  • Its interface is straightforward and continuously updated.
  • It has a very simple swiping feature.
  • The basic app is totally free.
  • There is a section for video chat.
  • It prioritizes the safety and privacy of the user’s profiles.
  • The design is exciting and inclusive.
  • It provides users with a video chat service.
  • Has a robust unpaid version.
  • It does not support long-term commitments.


Tinder Badoo
  • The app is for hookups, thus making it difficult to find serious partners.
  • Many people use fake profiles.
  • Users’ profiles are not well detailed.
  • There are so many bots.
  • There is a limited number of swipes.
  • It is difficult to find a serious partner.
  • Users’ profiles are less detailed.

Design And Usability: Badoo VS Tinder

Users on both platforms can access the dating services on desktop and mobile devices.

Web & App Design

The platforms encompass these two models:

  1. Picture swiping for users to find a match.

When users swipe to the right, they show interest in someone’s profile. When they swipe to the left, it shows rejection or dislike.

  1. Text message for knowing each other.

How users respond to text messages is not different from the messaging services in Android and iOS devices. However, the swipe features do not differ on both apps.

  • Tinder

Users may swipe right, left, or super-like a profile using icons at the lower section of their screens.

  • Badoo

An icon at the bottom of the user’s screen allows swiping to the left or right. Swiping up is also the same on both platforms.

  • Tinder

Users make use of an icon on the bottom of the screen.

  • Badoo

On top of what Tinder does, Badoo users can hold on to their profile to view it in full. Both Tinder and Badoo apps are updated each time. This gives users an appealing deal that is easier to interact with.


Tinder Badoo
Android App
Web/Desktop Version ✔ You can sign up with your FB account

Tinder Member Base

Both Tinder and Badoo are among the most popular dating apps that exist. Their services are available and can be accessed from any place around the world.

Male/Female Accounts


Tinder’s website has registered two billion views daily. It has also noted one million dates in seven days and more than thirty million matches since it was launched.

Since the site’s concept got formed around people choosing what they want instead of an algorithm, the high number might not work for most users. Choosy people, especially those from metropolitan locations, may need to dedicate a lot of time to find a match.


Badoo enjoys its popularity in more than 190 countries around the world. Today, it has registered more than 400 million people and in 47 languages.

a. Number of users


Men dominate in the over eight million users in the United States alone. The eight million users are marked as active every seven days.


Badoo reaches a population of more than 400 million people in 47 languages. Among its daily users, Badoo prides itself on having 40 friends on each user.

b. Age

  • Tinder: The site is full of young adults.
  • Badoo: The majority of the users are aged between 18 and 29 years old.

c. Geography

The dating services are global, with most users coming from the United States.

Registration & Profile

The sites require a short registration process for you to be allowed access. Joining either Tinder or Badoo is simple. New users do not face the difficulties of filing forms or providing detailed information about them.

In both sites, people are required to register using an identity verification process to prevent fake users.

In Tinder, only a phone contact is important, and in Badoo, users need either a Facebook account or a phone number.

After completion of the registration process, members are expected to create a profile.


Users can either add their images manually or get them from their Facebook accounts. Other important details needed to complete the profile include:

  • Gender.
  • Birthdate.
  • First name.


Alongside giving a name, birth date, and gender, users expand their profile by adding the schools they attended.

Tinder also provides users with the option of adding music to make profiles more attractive.

Users who want people to know more about them can link their Instagram or Snapchat accounts.

After that, users are free to start swiping.

Users are allowed to provide detailed information on both sites. As a result, it takes less than a minute for one to start using the services.

Badoo VS Tinder: Differences In Searching And Matching

People swipe on both apps to get a perfect match. However, both apps do not guarantee long-term commitments.

Possibility to Meet your Love

Individuals interested in finding long-lasting partners continue to encounter problems. Most of these problems have been experienced since the emergence of online dating. This results from a lack of seriousness from the parties.


Except to meet people that do not fall or near your tastes. People can swipe for longer periods of time but still fail to meet their love. The possibility of wasting money and time meeting people you should have rejected is also high.


Just like Tinder, Badoo offers room for short-term commitments. Going out for dates with people you know their true identity is, however, an added advantage.

Possibility to Find Casual Hookup


Like many people today date for fun, Tinder gives quality room due to its population in the United States and simplicity. Therefore, it is ideal for hookups.

Physical appearance plays a bigger role as users tend to swipe profiles based on what they see. Once individuals like each other, one can initiate conversation immediately.


Losing hookup chances in Badoo can only affect men. The app has a special selfie feature that allows women to request the true identity of their partners.

With this, physical appearance, unlike Tinder, does not affect the nature of relationships.

Bottom line

Both Tinder and Badoo are recognized for hookups, so the probability of finding people looking for long-term courtships is very low. Most of the people interested in the apps are after hookups.

Quality Of Profiles & User Safety


Online platforms consist of pure strangers to you. You do not know the true identity of the people you meet and chat with.

You should not be quick to share contacts, workplaces, or addresses. When someone asks you for a date, always ensure that it is in a public place. For more security, share with your friend or a relative where you are planning to go.

Tinder has a Moonlight feature that enables people to share when, where, and who they are meeting. With this feature, people can send a signal and get emergency services when things go wrong. It is, therefore, a requirement that you turn on your GPS when using the app.


Badoo has comprehensive privacy settings that enable users to adjust their settings to their personal preferences. The settings also allow users to restrict their chats to verified users.

This makes it easier to block and employ anti-spam procedures.

Verification of Users

Both websites verify new users.

  • Tinder: Verification is done using the user’s phone number.
  • Badoo: Users are verified through either a phone number or their Facebook accounts.

Fakes or Scam

A lot of efforts have been put in place to deal with scammers and fake profiles. You also need to know how well you should deal with strangers. Here are some of the alarming signs you should consider:

  • People asking for monetary support.
  • People who tend to rush dates.
  • Individuals who request confidential information within the first few days.

Pricing Policies

When the platforms were invented, they were free. People downloaded and used them freely. However, with the emerging competing apps, the platforms started charging their users. There is a free option for both, but quality services are being charged.


Tinder first managed to reduce the number of swipes a day. Before, people could swipe the whole day looking for a good match. Today, the number of swipes is limited to one hundred a day. Unfortunately, these limits broke choosy individuals from finding their love.

For individuals above 30 years, Tinder Plus costs 19.99 USD per month. Users between 18 and 29 years pay 9.99 USD per month.

When you upgrade your subscription to Tinder premium, you stand to enjoy the following:

  • Unlimited counts of right swipes.
  • More abilities to undo left swipes.
  • Additional five super-likes daily.
  • A single free boost every month. This feature will push your profile to the front when users swipe to the right location.

The Gold members on the platform pay an extra 4.99 USD to enjoy the following features:

  • They are able to see members that swipe right on them.
  • They are provided with a selection of people that might interest them.


Badoo offers its users a seven-day trial. The deal gives users shower powers to see who liked them, to chat with popular users, unlock their favorite folders, and be the first to chat with new users.

Upon the expiry of the seven days, users are required to register for a monthly subscription at 24.99 USD. To enjoy Lifetime superpowers pass, you can subscribe by paging 59.99 USD. This payment is made once.

The platform also offers six-month, one-month, and one-week subscription options.

Free Membership

Uses have a variety of features to enjoy for free.


  • Downloading and registering for the services is free of charge.
  • One hundred free swipes. When you get a like on a profile you have liked, you can begin communicating.
  • Users can see other members from the nearest locations.
  • Users are awarded one super like daily. This results from showing someone your interest.


  • Users enjoy browsing member profiles.
  • Users can view members who checked in their profiles.
  • Users can message premium members.
  • There are basic messaging and quick flirts.

Final Thoughts: The Winner is …

If you are looking for a lasting relationship, then cease online dating. The platforms have a reputation for hooking up individuals but do not guarantee a long-term commitment. You can find love, yes, but after swiping so many profiles. However, if you want to hook up and have fun online, then try Badoo. It prioritizes your security. With it, you can manage your security by keeping away suspicious individuals.

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